Artificial ponds and rocks for elite ‘Aquamarine’ complex, located at the seaside in a park area between the bays Omega and Streleckaya.

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Applying artificial rocks for development

This is a special district of Sebastopol, the so-called little Riviera, whose recreational development was started in the 19th century. The panorama of Constantinovsky ravelin is visible from each apartment window facing the city and from most of the “Sea View” apartments. This is an old marine fortress with artillery battery, which was called after empress Catherine II’s grandson Constantine. The ravelin protects Sebastopol estuary and the bay entrance.

To create rock compositions, we used artificial round stones. These elements of landscape design naturally harmonize with the environment and help to develop the site nooks according to one’s own taste.Different types of rocks are traditionally used to create caverns, artificial water reservoirs, fountains, and waterfalls. Hollow rocks are used to decorate blocks, head wells within the natural style as well as for hiding pumping and other equipment, located at the site, like hatches, pontoons etc. When applying artificial stuff, it is possible to bring variety into garden plants and flowerbeds.

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