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Artificial rocks in the aquapark

Hawaii Aquapark in Arcadia is a new modern entertainment complex for family recreation. Hawaii park of water rides includes 20 slides an artificial river, 3 restaurants and lots of pleasure. The aquapark is divided into 2 areas: Аквапарк разделен на 2 зоны: the one for kids and the one for adults, who like rounds of slides and active recreation.

Artur Grigoryan’s Art Studio provides professional design of artificial rocks in the interior and landscape. We create artificial rocks, mountains and boulders made of high quality materials such as polymer concrete (decorative concrete, art concrete) and different plastic (fiberglass), depending on the location, environment and the purpose of the rock construction to be created.

Примеры работ

Artificial rock producing is a creative process

Artificial decorative rocks made of polymer concrete, designed by experts of our company, will become really original decoration of any facility and bring a breath of fresh air into landscape site design. In our work on artificial rocks creating we are experts in combination of natural stone with artificial stone and trees, while obtaining the unity of the whole composition and the necessary harmony of colours.

We have no samples or the same projects. We are always in search of non-standard and creative solutions. This is why we have been trusted creating of artificial rocks for Hawaii Aquapark in Arcadia. If you decided to book and artificial rock in our company, we are open to creation of the least expected and powerful projects.

Experts of Artur Grigoryan’s Studio are ready to perform any order on decorative design

Creating unique interior elements, the whole work is performed on the keyturn basis. The experts will create any crafts and constructions. All you need is to tell about your preferences or provide us with your schemes and sketches. Decorative items may be created of any material needed by the customer: class, wood, metal or plastic. HomeWoods and Artur Grigoryan’s Studio issue the 3-year guarantee for the installed things, with the service of the construction coming along with the guarantee.

искусственные скалы в аквапарке 31
искусственные скалы в аквапарке 13
искусственные скалы в аквапарке 29
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Искусственные скалы в аквапарке


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