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A key to great time outside is meat cooked on coal. Some people from cottages already have a ready place to cook meat at, others only plan to buy a grill for their cottage yard.Somebody prefers a folding portable grill. It is easy to be transported and located into any place. If you like to make a comfortable barbeque site, it is better to buy a fixed grill.

A fixed grill is a reliable and and durable construction made of brick, stone and metal. The disadvantage is being impossible to move the construction.

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By getting a stone grill for your cottage, you receive these features:

durability, any-weather stability, inhibiting effect;

fast and balanced heating of the grill helps to cook faster;

smart appearance, the construction will go well with your exterior.

With big number of advantages, we have to state some faults. The stone grill is very expensive pleasure, which is hard to be created with no experience in constructing. It may occupy a large area which is not a good thing for all the cottage yards.Some people, who live in cottages, do not limit themselves with a grill and want to make an arbour in the area of meat cooking. The arbour grill may be portable and fixed one.

Creating unique interior elements, the whole work is performed on the keyturn basis. The experts will create any crafts and constructions. All you need is to tell about your preferences or provide us with your schemes and sketches. Decorative items may be created of any material needed by the customer: class, wood, metal or plastic. HomeWoods and Artur Grigoryan’s Studio issue the 3-year guarantee for the installed things, with the service of the construction coming along with the guarantee.

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Fixed one is more practical, but to construct it, firm fundament and chimney are needed. It is important to choose a place with correct wind direction to avoid the smoke getting into the windows of living facilities.

The construction is divided into following stages:site marking, preparation of laying the fundament;fundament forming, floor preparing;arbour wall and roof constructing, creation of the grill.

The volume of work is big and complicated, in case of lack of experience we recommend to turn yourself to companies, that perform construction on ready-made basis.It is possible to lay a grill with any fire-resistant material involved. The cheapest material is blocks of concrete. In this case appearance might suffer. The natural stone perfectly preserves the warmth, but it is difficult to predict the exact expense of the material, needed for the construction. The price of the stone leaves much to be desired.

The most optimal option is the red brick, which is a combination of the price and quality. This grill is made on more complicated basis than the one made of concrete blocks, but it will look nicer and  cost cheaper than natural stone.


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