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Будки для собак

Будки для собаки

Making dog booths Odessa

A warm dog booth is necessary care from the dog owner.A dog may bite you only if its life is a typical dog’s life. However, if it’s got a bowl and there’s a sausage in it, plus there is a booth owned by the dog, such dog is happy and grateful to its owner for the care provided. Every dog owner knows how devoted their dog is, the way it meets the owner barking, wagging its tail, licking the owner’s hands and ready to obey any command given.

Примеры работ. Фотографии готовых будок

Деревянная будка 185х105х120 см
Домик для собаки
Будка для собаки 105х90х105 см (2)
Домик для пса
Будка для собаки 105х90х105 см
Будка для собаки 185х100х120 см

Our company produces dogbooths of different size — small, medium and large. So, the booth for big dogs like German shepherd, Caucasian, Central Asian Shepherd is 1.2 m long, 0.9 m wide and 0.9 m high. Your pet will feel cosy and comfortable there, the perfect construction is a guarantee of being protected from heat, wind, shower, snow and frost. A booth for a big dog produced by our specialists will be adored by your pet. The dog will be able to feel free there, but since the booth is not really spacious, it won’t be freezing in winter. Made of clapboard and done with plywood with warming layer Isover, such winter booth will serve a good shelter for your pet when the weather is freezing.The roof material can be selected up to you: either profiled sheeting or zinc-coated steel sheet. Additionally we offer soft roof tile TEGOLA. You can also have the walls worked on with PINOTEX and partition made of oriented strand board.The dog booths, sold on the website of our company, are highly qualified, made of good materials, reasonably priced and have a good appearance, which won’t spoil your landscape. So if you need a dog booth, buying the one from us is optimal decision from any point of view.

If you advertise your being ready to buy a dog booth, our offer will be lucky solution of the issue. On the site it is possible to learn all the features of the items we produce, the pictures of ready booths, learn the prices. Owing to detailed information like this, you’ll be able to easily provide your pet with a place to live and it will feel perfect there.The dog is the best friend of human being this is why it deserves having the best place to live. Artur Grigoryan’s studio will be happy to help you about the issue. Your pets will remain satisfied.

This attitude is really touching. The dog often becomes beloved by the entire family and every family member takes care of it. When a dog appears in a family, the first questions arising is about the living place, the dog booth.

Location of the dog booth should meet many requirements. First, from this place the area of the yard inhabited by the dog must be clearly visible. It is prefered that the booth would be on a high land if any. A good preference is placing the booth under a sunshade or tree to be protected from overheating in summer and wind with snow in winter.The size of the booth is defined by the size of the dog itself. Typically the booth is chosen so that the dog is able to make a turn and lie inside. If you live under condition of the cold climate, the booth should not be too spacious, for the dog will feel cold in winter. If the weather is not severe, the booth may be bigger.It is also a good idea to buy folding booths, which are easier to be washed and clean with special anti-parasite chemicals. If you like to make a booth with your own hands, there are lots of recommendations, following which it is possible to make a perfect thing. So walls, floor and ceiling are made of dry softwood. If the climate is cold in the area, make the walls doubled. The space in between may be filled with thermally insulating material. The roof is better to be folding, which enables to clean and disinfect the inner surface.

It is necessary to begin the construction according to the sketch, prepared beforehand. It may be done on one’s own or found in the corresponding mass-media. Street booths should be covered with ruberoid or other humidity-resistant material, owing to which inside the booth it will be dry and warm and no wind penetrating.

The booth from professional manufacturer

Of course, if you have a good skill in woodworking and something similar, it won’t be a significant effort to construct the dog booth. But not everybody is able to produce a handmade booth. This is why many people prefer buying a booth rather than making. In this case you will be able to see the ready item at once and conclude what sort of quality it is and how good the one could be for your pet.

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