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Artificial rocks and caverns, prices

Artificial rocks in decorating

Artificial rocks are used by designers to create the maximum effect of real landscape. To create artificial rocks, different materials are used. However plastic, concrete or gypsum are the most demanded.

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Artificial rocks at the best price in Ukraine

While creating rocks with artificial materials, designer easily reproduces caverns, decorative waterfalls and stone gardens. Despite the creation not being real stone, experts create a unique interior piece, while combining artificial and natural materials.If you want the room with a swimming pool look in an unusual way, you may buy an artificial cavern to make a picture of a sea coast inside your room. This will bring organic view to your chamber. Our decorative production is made of concrete complying with unique technologies in factory conditions, which warrants durability of the item. Unique attitude is given to every new project. All the effort, put by the experts, are directed to reconstruction of artificial rocks, highly similar to natural ones, which would bring an unusual panorama into your facility. It is possible to make massive mountain landscape and small item of rock painting.

Artificial rocks as original designing implementation for any facility

Not depending on facility style, artificial rocks of different size and texture are able to bring unusual natural appearance. The qualified design of the inner building part with the help of artificial rocks may bring attention of even the most capricious critic of design and interior. The basic advantages of artificial rocks is the maximal similarity with the real ones and low price compared to natural stone.These days artificial cavern is enjoying the customers’ demand. The orders are placed by owners of malls, casinos and bars, cafeterias and restaurants, saunas, swimming pools, for design of playgrounds for kids, parks, aquaparks, oceanariums and zoos.

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Artificial rocks are ecologically pure decor item, because it is made of the best natural materials only

The rocks are created to comply with individual preferences of the customer, considering size, shape and material. Designers experiment with colours, shapes, they keep searching non-standard implementations, so there is an opportunity to perform the customer’s draft as well as to supply them with ready design samples.

The product has no expiry date, is not vulnerable to termic effect it is inflame-, frost- and humidity-resistant. Artificial rocks are portable easily, because their weight is less than that of natural stone. Buying a ready artificial rock means to bring a breath of fresh air to your facility, attracting the visitors’ admiration.If you need a product highly similar to a natural rock, order an artificial concrete rock. It will comply with natural item and will meet all the customer’s requirement as for size, shape and colour.

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