Decorative waterfalls made of natural stone

Decorative waterfall made of natural stone is guaranteed similarity with natural items and the material durability checked by the time.

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Natural stone waterfall construction

Creation of natural stone waterfall looks like collecting puzzles of stones. When working with the stone, we cut it with angle grinder, but we hide the joints inside, because they spoil the natural view of landscape waterfall. While performing the waterfall, we lay the stone with quality, but in a neat way, so you won’t see the marks of concrete on your decorative waterfalls.

To build an artificial (decorative) waterfalls with fountain is the best way to bring a special sort of charm and dynamics to any landscape design. Today modern decorative waterfalls are devices with water loop, which enables to use them in the open area, in interiors and in composition with streams and ponds.While designing waterfalls and cascades, we use a good deal of additional items. Those are plants and beautiful small stones as well as sand. The lights, performed correctly by our experts, will make your garden a beautiful place from the fairy-tale.

Искусственные водопады
Мостик с подсветкой 9
благоустройство искусственного пруда 1
искусственный декоративный пруд 1
подсветка скал 1
обустройство искусственный водопад

Artificial streams and waterfalls in interior and landscape design

Any site, not depending on its size and purpose will look fresher due to water cascades. Splash of water move the surface and create natural aeration and cleaning process in the water source.

Streams make the place vital, outlining good areas and hiding disadvantages of the landscape. Stones, rocks, plants and jack-stone can be used as decoration. A fountain throwing its water from under the stones will be a good contribution to the construction. 

Artificial cascades

Artificial waterfalls at the cottage area can be made like natural water spring looking like the Niagara Falls. The endless water streams are running from high above while the air is refreshed with little water drops. Perfect humidifying and improving the space!If several steps are organized on different levels, it is possible to create 2- or 3-level waterfall, running between two ponds.It is great to see a small island in the middle of the pond. From the top of a stone rock the waterfall is running. Such thing is always in harmony with any type of landscape.

Creating unique interior elements, the whole work is performed on the keyturn basis. The experts will create any crafts and constructions. All you need is to tell about your preferences or provide us with your schemes and sketches. Decorative items may be created of any material needed by the customer: class, wood, metal or plastic. HomeWoods and Artur Grigoryan’s Studio issue the 3-year guarantee for the installed things, with the service of the construction coming along with the guarantee.



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