Бетонные садовые декоративные фонтаны в Одессе

Concrete garden fountains
28 Jun

Бетонные садовые декоративные фонтаны в Одессе

Concrete garden fountains Садовые фонтаны — это декоративные изделия, которые могут привнести в вашу жизнь ощущения уюта и комфорта, а также сделать вашу жизнь радостнее и оказать благоприятно воздействие на нервную систему. Садовые фонтаны Лучшими решениями для обустройства любой территории являются садовые фонтаны, которые не только выступают в качестве декоративных элементов, но и способны положительно […]
Искусственные пруды и скалы для отеля
15 Jun

Aquamarine in Sebastopol

Artificial ponds and rocks for elite ‘Aquamarine’ complex, located at the seaside in a park area between the bays Omega and Streleckaya. This is a special district of Sebastopol, the so-called little Riviera, whose recreational development was started in the 19th century. The panorama of Constantinovsky ravelin is visible from each apartment window facing the […]
12 Jun

Cottage grill

A key to great time outside is meat cooked on coal. Some people from cottages already have a ready place to cook meat at, others only plan to buy a grill for their cottage yard. Somebody prefers a folding portable grill. It is easy to be transported and located into any place. If you like […]
Деревянные качели
7 Jun

Garden swing

Garden swing is full relaxation in the countryside, far from city rush Cottage swing really helps to relax after working day. It will also become a favourite place of your children to spend their leisure there. Sitting in a cottage swing you will be able to talk to your friends, spend time with your beloved […]
6 Jun

Stonehenge in Chornomorsk

The employees of Artur Grigoryan’s studio have constructed Stonehenge in Chornomorsk Stonehenge is a well-known to everyone and everywhere stone construction which entered the list of World’s Heritage and located in Wiltshire, England. One of the most original and enigmatic stone constructions the humanity has ever known attracts by its being unique, massive and natural. […]
2 Jun

Marble fountain

The Karagyaur family gifted a church with a beautiful marble fountain, which goes in well with the general landscape panorama of the church yard. This designing idea was empowered with the rich experience of the studio concerning the work with the marble and accompanying materials. Marble fountains are universal decoration of any yard! The fountain […]
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