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Our works

It is interesting to do the site development and landscape design. But the exciting process has got some difficulties since it requires special knowledge and skills.
The art, called landscape architecture, implies harmonic unity of the landscape, created naturally, with the territories, which have already been utilized by people.

How to solve the task of the area development

To minimize the changes, landscape architecture must be adapted to certain requirements of the site. This is the way how to preserve natural features, peculiar to the used territory and to add esthetical properties, comfort and practical spirit. The art of gardening has got the role of one of the main directions, representing landscape architecture.

The difference of architecture and landscape design

When touching upon the topic of the difference in these two directions, it is worth mentioning that design implies bringing serious changes going along with artificial landscape forming according to the planned project. The main destination of the architecture is to preserve the natural features. Developing the site is impossible without specific knowledge, owing to which the natural resources will be conserved. That is how we create ecologically safe environment.

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строительство кафе
Сити Центр Таирова
декор потолка в ресторане
Ибица оформление

Garden swing

Garden swing is designed for the cottage yard where a person likes talking to friends or beloved people, reading books or watching the stars in the sky, or enjoying the smell of coffee while sitting covered with blanket. When buying a swing it is important to pay attention at the model, regarding its reliability, comfort, material type and construction design. Those, who decided on a mobile model, have to think about a portable swing. Before buying the construction it is necessary to calculate the number of family members to use it and consider guests invited over. These factors directly influence the choice of the swing size, because the models can be designed for 2, 3 and 4 people.

The role of garden sculpture

It is impossible to overrate the meaning of a similar construction while designing a site. Today it is available in the form of animals, antique sculpture, dwarfs, attractive sun-clocks, stone lanterns, feedboxes and houses. With the possibility to select from unlimited number of options, a garden owner can change the territory completely. A garden sculpture is able to make a crucial accent.

With the help of such a thing you can gain a complete style revealing, sense, mood improvement and accents which turn the garden into something special. The right option can be chosen on having done the examination of your garden, due to which you will realize what piece of art is necessary here. It is not an easy task, because you may look through hundreds of models until you find the one that is ideal to contribute for a definite place.

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Formation of garden constructions with the help of stone

The purpose of stone flower bed is to create a personal nook in the middle of the cottage yard, where you could create аn arbour. It is possible to get attractive stone flower beds in case where the material is selected with a professional touch, i. e. there are not only your own preferences to be considered – you should also analyze the way it goes in well with the territory landscape. The size for the stone, its shape, texture, breed and colours are worth considering, too.

Hand-made waterfalls of natural material

The presence of decorative waterfalls, with natural stone applied to create the ones, provides the similarity to real waterfalls and is a guarantee of long duration. The creation of such waterfalls could be compared with puzzle collecting. Working with the material implies applying an angle grinder to cut the stones. To maintain the natural view of the waterfalls, joints should be hidden into the inner part of the construction. Design of the device assumes laying the stone of high quality and the laying should be neat enough to hide the tracks of concrete on the construction.

It stands for reason that only experts in the area are able to create an ideal fountain construction, which goes in harmony with the landscape. Many people can do the fountain in their court-yards, but many lack knowledge needed to create the device with quality. Only professional working team can provide the quality, and they will be pleased to consider your ideas reflected in the drafts you provide for them.

Hand-made rocks

Imitation of a stone artificial rock is a powerful tool to design a stone garden by means of sustaining wall. Concrete block is not a usual decoration and the process of its creation assumes both natural and artificial materials. The result is an integral design. The rocks of this kind are similar to natural caverns: shape, size and texture are the same, but production is easier and cheaper. The presence of artificial rocks brings an enigma to the landscape design. If the caverns are made with great professional touch, no one will be able to take their eyes away from them.

обустройство искусственный водопад
Цветники из камня
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использование искусственных скал в интерьере
Искусственные скалы в интерьере
искусственные скалы в аквапарке 31
Искусственные пруды и водоемы 22


Among specific objects there are stone and brick arbours. We are not even talking about texture, because solid constructions are likely to enter the design of a big area,  neighbouring to a huge house and attracting with tall trees being around. Wood is a traditional material used for construction of arbours in a cottage yard. They key features of wood are adaptability, warmth and natural purity. If a cross-beam of different section is applied for the arbour construction, the whole thing turns out to be highly firm.

If you turn yourself to Artur Grigoryan’s studio to get assistance in all the stages of the landscape development, you will get qualified service, as well as setting the light and watering systems. Here you will see the samples of the actual projects of the studio and the proof of the high level with which the work is usually performed by the employees.

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Experts of Artur Grigoryan’s Studio are ready to perform any order on decorative design

Creating unique interior elements, the whole work is performed on the keyturn basis. The experts will create any crafts and constructions. All you need is to tell about your preferences or provide us with your schemes and sketches. Decorative items may be created of any material needed by the customer: class, wood, metal or plastic. HomeWoods and Artur Grigoryan’s Studio issue the 3-year guarantee for the installed things, with the service of the construction coming along with the guarantee.