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Garden sculpture

Garden sculpture

Amusing animals and dwarfs, classical antique sculpture, decorative bird houses or sun clock, stone lanterns  and houses — all this garden sculpture is unlimited today. Even very modest implementation makes an emphasis to any composition. The sculpture reveals style of the design, it gives the sense, forms depth, makes the spirits brighter and brings the attractive details. Certainly the sculpture makes the unique and individual garden. Garden sculptures may be produced in a factory or made of stone and wood by order. It is possible to make small garden sculptures which are in big quantity at any site.Sculpture should bring pleasure as a piece of art. However, it is more important to locate the thing properly and thus make a stronger aesthetic impression brought by the garden composition.

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How to select a garden sculpture

To make the right choice, it is enough to examine your garden within a certain distance. Thus you will gain the understanding what sort of sculpture you need for your place. The choice of the exact model is not an easy task to perform. Among hundreds of models you have to find the one which will fit the exact landscape. Defining the style, please value each model to see how well it fits the composition as well as its being to the point. Sculptures are supposed to be proportional to the house, its constructions, the size of the yard the site and  the exact object. Massive and high statues on a small flower bed look depressing while a tiny animal on the big flower-bed is going to be lost.

Everything is in ensemble, including the emphasis as a statue must accord the style of the composition itself, without depressing the environment it should fit the design. Remember that it is possible to bring more expression to small objects of garden sculpture by means of pedestals, bases, stairs, coasters multilevel grounds.

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Садовая скульптура
Садовая фигура Корова
Садовая скульптура
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