Wood decorating

Wood is natural and tiny material to be always trendy. Wood furniture is able to create a natural chamber design while wood figures and statuettes will become its highlight, outlining its peculiar features. Wood figures and statuettes can be made of other material, but it is exactly the wood, which is the best to work on and which has the most esthetic appearance.

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Décor of the chamber with figures and statuettes will not look harmonic if other design elements are in conflict with them. It is not a good idea to place several big figures on a small site, it will be too difficult to percept. Wood craft should outline the territory, its peculiarity, it should not attract all your attention by occupying 100 % of the entire space.Decorative wood statuettes and figures go in well with live plants, this is why it is a good idea to combine a wood craft with a flower in a pot or place the craft in the middle of the indoor garden.

Experts of Artur Grigoryan’s Studio are ready to perform any order on decorative design

Creating unique interior elements, the whole work is performed on the keyturn basis. The experts will create any crafts and constructions. All you need is to tell about your preferences or provide us with your schemes and sketches. Decorative items may be created of any material needed by the customer: class, wood, metal or plastic. HomeWoods and Artur Grigoryan’s Studio issue the 3-year guarantee for the installed things, with the service of the construction coming along with the guarantee.

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Process of making wood figures

If you decided to carve a small wood figure and thus refresh your chamber design, you need to start with preparing the material. You have to clean and wash the wood. Don’t hurry to get rid of kindling  and bark of the tree, they might be useful while you finish the craft.During the work you will get a lot of wood shaving. Mix it with varnish until it gets viscid. This mixture is to help you over the holes in the figure, bringing the natural appearance.To make figures, they use an apple-tree, birch, cypress and nut-tree. More experienced carpenters apply boxwood and Grenadill. These kinds of wood are softer, this is why they are more difficult to work on, but the result is an elegant craft.If you are bad at woodwork or you don’t want to spend time on this, the wood figures and statuettes are performed by Artur Grigoryan’s studio. The employees will do the work based on your requirements and preference, any size and shape.To finish the work, varnish or paint should be used. Hard kinds of wood are worked on with oil. The duration of oil work depends on the colour gradation you expect.By ordering thematic wood figures and statuettes for your chamber you will make yourself and your visitors happy with the expert’s work as well as bring a breath of fresh air into the chamber design.

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